Training progress for Biorob 2018

BIOROB 2018 DEmo

All the training sessions of previous months ended up in a wonderfull results shown above. At the BioRob 2018 we demonstrated the wearable 2 Exoskeleton several times traversing the obstacle course consisting of the stepping stones, sitting and standing, slalom, tilted path and the stairs. 

Day 12

After all this training, we want to know how fast we actually can go about the obstacles. The video above shows the speedrun for the stairs. The time of 76s was really fast and exceeded our expectations! 

Day 11

During the last few trainings we trained the ramp with a door, the tilted path. After each try the pilots abilities increased. 

Today we also tried the stepping stones for the first time, which went great!

Day 6

And already the next day, the pilot walked down the stairs backwards.

Day 5

Today was the first time we tried to walk up the stairs, resulting in a huge smile on the pilot's face. 

Day 4

After some days of training our pilot got more familiar with the device, resulting in more stable walking.

During this day we also tried to tackle the first obstacle, the slalom. 

Day 1

First day of training for the BioRob 2018, showing our pilot's first steps.