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NWO movie

Movie made by NWO about the Symbitron+ exoskeleton and the Reboocon prosthetic knee.

Ted-X talk

Arvid Keemink gave talk titled 'Enabling new steps with exoskeletons' during the TEDx Erasmus University Rotterdam.

News article Tubantia

The Tubantia newspaper wrote an article and made a video about our pilot Niek and the exoskeleton, which can be found here.

The symbitron+ Exoskeleton

Training for the Cybathlon

Exoskeleton Pilot Niek de Jonge tells about the training sessions for the Cybathlon, a race for exoskeletons.

Video about the SYMBITRON plus teamĀ 

item on symbitron exoskeleton for

Report on TV Enschede FM (march 1, 2018)

Opening of the Wearable Robotics Lab