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prof.dr.ir. H. van der Kooij (Herman)
Full Professor Biomechatronics and Rehabilitation Technology | Chairman department Biomechanical Engineering

Lab hire

If you want to make use of the lab and its facilities for your research and development, please contact us.

Patients/ Test pilots

We prefer not to speak about patients but test pilots. For our research we often need volunteers to participate in experiments. Also for our CYBATHLON teams we are looking for suitable and highly motivated test pilots.


We are continuously looking for resources to accelerate our research and development. If you want to contribute to our R&D, our lab facilities or want to sponsor one of our CYBATHLON teams please let us know.

Contract research

Our lab facilities and or expertise might support the development and testing of prototypes and products of your company. We do offer contract research agreements, in which the Intellectual Property (IP) that will be developed or your companies background IP is well protected.


Our lab is located in the Westhorst, room WH219.